Review; Lush - Love Lettuce face mask

I seem to be a little addicted to Lush at the moment. I last reviewed Snow Fairy, a very popular product. So for this one I decided to pick one that you guys might not be fimiliar with.

I think with all the whimsey and wonder surrounding their bubble bar range and glitter exploding bath bombs, Lush's range of fresh face masks often get over looked. If you're looking for something to really take care of your skin Lush is possibly the best place to go. This mask is full of non-synthetic goodness as all the products are from natural sources, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals being left on your skin.

Upon opening the pot you'll notice a strong lavender scent. Lavender is great for calming the nerves so the first time I used the mask was after the shower before I went to bed. Best night sleep ever!

To exfoliate your skin the cream is full of broken almond shell. This might sound quite harsh but it's finely crushed so it isn't too rough.

The pots need to be kept in the fridge and you have to make sure you get your use out of them before they got off. Because they are full of natural ingredients they don't last too long. However, you do get a lot in the pot and the women in the store told me that if I was struggling to use it all before it's use by date then I could use it as a quick wash, which is a great idea!

Phwoor- yea right!

The results were great. My skin felt amazing and I smelt lovely. I am certainly a big fan of Love Lettuce and will certainly be buying again. I think the soothing lavender is perfect for the harsh winter that battles against our skin if we so much as look outside! I'd recommend this to normal and oily types of skin.

Hope you enjoy bon bons! Let me know if you try it out! Any other Lush products you want to see me review leave them in a comment below!

Love J.