Piercings: Too Cool or For Fools?

There has always been a fairly big hype about tattoos (check out J's post) but recently, piercings are becoming a massive craze- well at least in my opinion.
When I was 14 my mum offered me to get my belly button pierces, but I cringed and said no.
When I was 15, my mum and I looked in to getting my upper ear pierced, but I decided not too.
When I was 16, I went to see Lady Gaga with my friend in Manchester and thought, 'Why not get my ear lobes done for the second time?' So I did. Bad move though, I got it done in the most horrible piercing place and they got infected- I had to take them out.
When I was 17 I went to see 'The Pretty Reckless' also in Manchester and also with my friend, and spotted a little piercing clinic and decided to get a surface piercing on my arm (weird and random, I know.)

I really loved it. When people spotted the bar in my arm, their faces squished up and said, 'Did it hurt?' Well, it really, really didn't. And I am scared of pain... and needles.
However, 2 months later it rejected.. apparently this is pretty common for surface piercings- I cried for 2 days straight.
After the pure adrenelin rush of getting pierced, my friend Zoe and I were discussing where would be cool to get body jewelery on.. she suggested the hips.
The same day I was mooching around in town and decided on the spot- IM GETTING MY HIPS PIERCED! I walked to every piercing clinic in town (which is surprisingly few, but very far apart) and opted for 'The Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic' which is supported by the NHS.
I got one dermal anchor (those cute little diamonds) on each hip... again it did not hurt in the slightest- I had numbing cream but it didnt hurt even after.

Then following this, I got two piercings on the rims of my ears. You might have seen my post on ear piercings

I already mentioned on this post that I would like my tragus done after this, then my surface piercing redone, my septum then maybe my neck, hips done again, a tattoo of Jason Mraz/ James Morrisons' 'Details in the fabric' and a surface piercing on my neck- a lot I know.
After a dream I had a few nights ago I want three dermal anchors down my arm near my elbow too.

Enough of me and my obsession now.
This is Dani Perfect, she has a few facial piercings.

Now these could be a risk to put on your face, expecially all three of them together, but doesn't it look good on her?

Here's some pics of celebs with piercings:

Scarlett has been spotted with a septum piercing along with nose and tragus.

Rihanna is said to have her nipple done, as is Pixie Geldof.
Drew Barrymore has her tongue done and various ear piercings.
Pink obviously has a few: ears, nose, tongue, nipple, clit apparently.


Vic does not suit that lip piercing!
And I'm sorry but I personally don't like Fergies eyebrow piercing, I actually don't think it looks good on anyone!
Plus, when does it go too far?
Clit? Apparently it stimulates sex or whatever, but really? is there any need?

What do you guys think?