Hair Colour 2011

Since the catwalk has brought us a palette of bold and fantastical colours, hair design for 2011 seems to be echoing this.
And, if you know me well, I like to change my hair colour A LOT!!

But, since january, I have been trying and trying to get the brightest purple hair, having used live xxl cyber purple, which looked like this

Following this, I used all of the alternatives including the STARGAZER range which is meant to give the brightest effects in numerous shades; blue, pink, orange etc... but it didn't do anything to my hair :( Bad times!

So, for once, I think I am going to give up and change colour, IT HAS BEEN NEARLY 4 MONTHS WITH THE SAME COLOUR!!! WOW thats long for me.

So here is the low down for the best shades for 2011

They are all pretty much awesome!
So tonight I may treat myself to a new hair dye.

There are also some quirky new tricks like putting a different colour at the tips, like so...

ELLE calls it the surfer strands, it is putting a dark root with lightened hair around the bottom.
I think I a going to give this one a go.

anyway, my friend and I were having a little photography session a while back, and I just found this picture...

I really do think 2011 is the time to play with your hair and see exactly what you can do!!

Love K