Women with tattoos - Edgy or tacky?

It seems people are getting inked left right and center these days. In fact I've been told to be more afraid of become addicted to tattoos and not the pain! But the question is Bon bons, are tattoos the epitome of rebel cool or down right 'rock chick' tacky?

Tattoos are meant to have meaning. It's been said that every buzz of the needle tells a different story. A popular option these days is to have scripture not images on your body.

The images above are the tattoos of Megan Fox. Remember I said a tattoo tells a story? I didn't mean literally. Although I'm all for tattoos being person expression, I just don't think I understand 'And we will all laugh at gilded butterflies''. I'm aware this is a shakespere quote but how does it actually apply to her? Mystery is one thing, but sometimes you run the risk of looking like you don't even know yourself!
It's often discussed if someone with such classic beauty should not have tattoos. Ultimately it's down to personal choice, but I can't say I don't understand where people are coming from when they say this. Personally I do quite like Megan's tattoos, but I've seen some gorgeous girls total ruin themselves with generic tattoos that haven't had a lot of thought gone into them.

Scripture is one thing but having it in a foreign language is totally another. For example take Victoria Beckham's 'I am my love, and my love is mine.' quote. Unless you actually speak the lingo what is the point in 'making your statement of expression' in another language. Is it just me or does it just seem a little pretentious?
If you're thinking of taking this route beware. Not everything translates directly and when a country has a completely different alphabet it makes this ten time harder. An old friend of mine wanted her initials done in Japanese symbols. Upon asking one of my classmates to translate what her tattoo said his first words were 'For a start we wouldn't be able to do that because there are separate symbols for your alphabet', he also claimed that the symbols were completely made up! I've heard of people going for Arabic and Chinese symbols many of times and returning with 'Trainstation' and other inanimate objects etched on their skin unknowingly.

Jessie J isn't shy to ink and needles but she holds a big secret. Her first tattoo was of her own lyrics from her amazing song 'Who you are'. However it was supposed to say 'Don't lose who you are in the blur of the start.' instead the tattooist inked 'Don't loose who you are'. What a nightmare!!

If you do 'catch the bug' of tattooing then perhaps Kat Von D is your kind of girl. Star of L.A and Miami ink she's known for her perfect tattooist skills and being the ultimate walking billboard for the art too! She is literally covered in them! I've loved Kat ever since I saw her on TV and have admired her talent. But has she taken it too far?

What you have to remember Bon bons before you even get inked is 'In 20 years time will I still like this?'. Having your favourite band's logo permanently on your skin is fine until that person turns out to be some crazed loon and the band breaks up. Having your loves name tattooed on your body is great when you're in love, that is unless you break up and can only date other people called 'Tom'. In short there are a million and one things to take into consideration, will I be able to get a job with this? Is this too big for my first tattoo? Do I want to design it myself so no one else is walking around with the same thing? You need to think about it - and I don't mean asking a few of your friends, really think about what's meaningful to you.

And what ever you do - don't get a Mike Tyson after a few too many drinks!

Love J.