Review; Lush - Snow fairy

It's that time of year again! Not only has the coke advert been on TV, Lush has also released it's Christmas range! Snow Fairy seems to be one of the most in demand products every year, so I decided to really put it through it's paces and see if it was up to the hype.

I suppose for a company that bases itself around natural products, it's quite ironic that one of their most popular products doesn't actually have any obvious natural products in it like the rest of the range. I'm quite used to seeing essential oils, dried fruit and seaweed in the various crazy concoctions. I really couldn't for the life of me explain to you what is in this bottle though; Titanium Dioxide, Polyethylene terephthalate and Methyl Ionone are apparently all from natural sources however.

I loved the nostalgic smell. It took me back to memories of 20p machine gob stoppers. Upon asking my boyf and his friend however, they said it was a little over powering. After using it in the shower, the smell did stick to the skin, but was a lot more subtle. I'm the type of person with skin that just doesn't let scents stick around so this was a pleasant surprise.

The pink gel is filled with tiny blue glitter. Unfortunately most of mine fell to the bottom so before using it I stood it upside down for a while and tried to mix it all back together. The glitter doesn't stick to the skin which I was surprised at. When using other products I found that the glitter stays for longer - this is just a personal thing really though, I'm aware glitter can often be more of an annoyance for some of you bon bons!

I actually bought to smallest bottle you can get at £3.25. A small blob of this goes a long way and by the end of my shower the bottle was still almost full.

Afterwards my skin had a sweet, subtle scent and fell soft and fresh. I've read a few reviews of other products that leave an uncofortable 'squeaky clean' feeling, with snow fairy this was not the case.

Overall I can see why people love this product. I highly recommend this for anyone and think the smaller bottles would make great stocking fillers. Snow fairy really does like up to the hype surrounding it.

Have any of you bon bons tried this product? What other lush products do you recommend?