Monthly Highlight: Attending the Anonymous Premier.

Whilst my sister was visiting me, we took a trip to the Empire cinema in Leicester Square to watch Monte Carlo. As we left, we saw a load of cameras being set up, and being the journalist I am, I had to ask what was going on!
Turns out it was the Anonymous premier taking place that night, as part of the British Film Festival. As we spoke to the people setting up, a man looking very important on his iPad approached and told us that we could get tickets from the Vue with the hopes of someone dropping out of the premier.

As if by a stroke of luck, a woman approached and offered her tickets to us… RESULT!
We decided to wait outside first and watch some of the stars walk the red carpet and take some quick photographs before going inside. Thankfully we did because we saw the main characters of the film walk metres away from us, some stopping to sign autographs and say hello!

I was the first person (including the real journalists) to ask which designer made Joely Richardson’s absolutely stunning dress: it was Marchesa… I am pretty proud of this fact.

After watching Rhys Ifans make his appearance, we went to the entrance for ticket holders to go through; turns out we had to walk the red carpet. OMG!
It was crazy, there was me walking behind Joely with my shopping bags with the press taking photographs of us, definitely the craziest experience of my month.
When we got inside, we got to our seats which had free drinks and sweets.
There was a short speech by the head of British Film Festival which was interesting and a word from the producer of the film.

And of course, the film was absolutely amazing! No doubt I shall be buying that on DVD.’