Are lip jewels the next big thing?

So we've had eyelash jewels, nail jewels, hair jewels, and need I mention 'vajazzle'? Recent catwalk looks prompt the idea that there could be a new contender, so could lip jewels become the next big beauty statement?

Recently featured in Jessie J's video for 'Do it like a dude', these lip jewels/studs pack a big impact. This adds to Jessie's 'dangerous' look for the video and contrasts with our first image of pink, feminine gems. This highlights how versatile lip jewels can be!

However, it is this runway look that has everyone talking. This is Linda Cantello's matte lip look, predicted to spread like wild fire through A/W 11 Haute Couture runways. The look was created using Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 603 lipstick with added eyeshadow over the top to keep the matte finish. Gems were then placed on the bottom lip of every model.

Lip jewels have also been used in various ad campaigns, like the Louis Vuitton picture above. Jewels are a symbol of decadence so it is no wonder why high end designer brands have used them when showcasing their latest work.

Although, I have a draw back. I can just see it now: Claire's Accessories stick on jewels, kids having them all over the place. Not just kids though, I think people would just take this too far. You know, like Kanye and his diamond teeth! Besides, they aren't the most practical, I can hardly manage a night out without a false eyelash drama occurring. Therefore I highly doubt these lip gems would last, let alone pass the test of having takeaway on the way home!

What do you think bon bons!?

Love J.