Hair Change ... again

If you have followed BVC for a while, you will know what I love to change my hair.
In the last month I have had 12 different hair colours including turquiose, blue, blonde, red, orange, yellow etc.
I do not recommend any body to dye it half as much as I do because you will end up having to chop all your hair off like me.
Okay, its a fairly nice cut, but I prefer long hair... it does make me look older.
I decided since I had spend so much money on trying to go blonder to put the colours on top, I might aswell persevere for a while and stay blonde, but it has been a week and I have already got black roots.
The condition is aweful, but I have got a few new tricks: egg white, oil and mayonaisse left on all night, hair henna conditioner left on for 15 minutes and leave in hair conditioner for after a shower.

Anyway, I would like to apologise for my absence, I have been bummed down with shorthand and other university deadlines.
However, I had a seminar from a fellow blogger yesterday of disneyrollergirl so i think you should all check out her blog as she is a fashion insider.