Caffeine wars with Vivid Drinks

I decided to take part in the Vivid Drinks 5 day switch-your-coffee-for-matcha-tea-challenge since I am a coffee gremlin who simply can't get any work done unless I've had my cup'a Joe.

So, I saw the challenge and decided to look into the beauty of matcha tea and found a list of the ridiculous health benefits it can give which include, increased concentration (YES!) and can keep you calm (YES!)

And, what two things do you need at work, eh? Concentration and calm? Yeah me too.

At this point I'm pretty much screaming, 'GIVE ME THE MATCHA!' For ultra-health, I went for the unsweetened bottles.

Day One: Thursday
I'm going to admit it, I already missing the taste of my soy sugar-free-vanilla latte. Although the matcha tea isn't vile, it isn't a Starbucks. In fairness I tried Chlorella powder for a few weeks, and that was NASTY, this is super tame vs that. Mid- afternoon I usually have my first coffee slump and need a top up, surprisingly, today I'm not slumping. This is good.

Day Two: Friday
What on earth?!I went cycling AND swimming BEFORE work today. I usually struggle getting up on the best of days but today I was up and out at 6am - best part, I didn't suffer for it later on in the day. The taste also seems better today.

Day Three: Saturday
Today, the weather was stunning and I had plans later on to watch Batman Vs Superman (hiya no1 cinema/superhero geek) and a friends housewarming party. Again I was up, dancing, jumping, all into the early hours of the morning; no need for a pre-party nap.

Day Four: Sunday
The head was a little dull this morning after the late night, but up and into the garden with my matcha green tea and honestly, no joke, within the hour I was back to normal. This is a drink of gods.

Day Five: Monday
I have this horrendously long day of meetings and events, and the initial thought of not having my coffee breaks does make me a little glum, however, the reality is so different. I flew through my diary with no issues; I feel awake, I feel motivated, I am working well today.

So I completed the 5 day challenge with not a drop of coffee. I felt great. Back into day to day, I will be continuing with the matcha tea, but I will be adding in a coffee here and there. 

I now challenge you to do the matcha green tea 5 day challenge...

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