The Sweetest Haircare for Curls: Boucleme

I think every girl out there who has a curly-top has, over her life-time, become frustrated with their uncontrollable nature. I might have just found the cure…

Today, I’m here to talk to all of y’all about my FAV new products: Boucléme. This new range launched for people with wavy/curly hair and I thought, ‘I gotta try this!’ Not only are they full to the brim of beauty goodness like aloe vera, argan oil, virgin coconut oil (personal love) and honey, they actually encourage hair growth. Good for a silly girl like me who dyes her hair WAY too much.

The collection which is made up of a trio of goodies (curl cleanser, curl conditioner and curl defining gel) was brought to life by founder Michele Scott-Lynch – who, can I just add, is a babe! After having this massive interest in trailing the products, Michele got in contact and gave me a hair prescription; think every girl ever needs one of these.

From asking a few simple questions about the relationship I have with my hair, Michele gave me in-depth advice on how to bring my hair back to life. She talked me through how to use all the Boucléme products and even shed some expertise on the best approach for dying my hair in the future.

My big aim was: I was born with wild and free curly hair. With years of peroxide in my past, my curls had fallen into limp waves. I was looking for a product to revitalise my hair and help bring back the natural bounce…..

Guys, I feel like I’ve been touched by Athena – it worked! From just two weeks of throwing out my usual shampoos/ conditioners/ hair masks/ gels/ mousses and really giving the product full reign on my hair, I cannot really express how happy I am that bounce is returning to my hair – and, just in time for summer.
I add in GHD-done curls at the ends for extra glamour, but the volume is all Boucléme's work ;)
The curl defining gel has to be my no1 product at the moment, I regularly get asked what I use on my hair for a) appearance and b) smell. The gel literally smells incredible.

So, one last thing to say - GET BUYING!