A Lil' Spice

The chosen lipshade of the mo' comes from MAC (where else?!).

The lip-liner in shade, 'Spice', with a super thin amount of 'So Chaud' blotted on top creates a nice brown/orange colour; best for a day-time look. 

Also super obsessed with Lipcote; slather on top and you'll feel a light burn (weirdly enjoyable) and it keeps the smackers perfecto for hours.

I had my hair did at a new salon, and wasn't uber happy with the result. I got highlights, but they went a kinda' copper colour I wasn't really feeling.

So, out my huge drawer of hair products I pulled out a tub of Bleach hair dye in shade 'Rose'. It went this super-cute colour which matched my fav lip colour - RESULT!

The blush I'm wearing (also matching my lips, but a more pale version) is a mix of 'Hoola' bronzer by Benefit and 'Haute Pink' blusher by Revlon. Hoola is a bit on the hefty side price wise, but it lasts for AGES and gives amazing results.

Final thing to comment on is the fedora hat... I had been in search of the perfect one for what seemed like 35,000 years and came across this beaut' at Ascot. Its by Mu Du and its fab quality - totally wearable and totally my bestestest hat atm.