Now this is a story all about how... a make-up sponge can blow your mind (soz about that guys, when Will Smith wants to be let loose, you let him loose). Anywayyyy, we are actually here to tell all'a'ya'll about how you can have it FOUR ways!

This super cute, super swaggy - yeah we went there - device (?) is actually a make-up brush that is a four-in-one. The intelligently designed (must have been by a female - girl POWER!) sponge is easy to use, and even re-usable (just pop in the wash). 

But, how is it four-in-one? I hear you ask. Well, it can be used for liquid, cream and mineral-based make-up AND wet-dry powders... BOOM! Now there is no more need to carry them four MAC make-up brushes round: don't throw them away though, they were £20+ each, remember? On that note, this Nanshy sponge is only £5.95 - redonk!

Some more quick facts: latex free (stop thinking of condoms, you dirty devils), non allergenic and odour free. If this was a baseball, it would be a whole-in-one.