Why Nail Polish Is The Best Present

From recent events, both the G and the K have come to realise that nail polish is simply the best present. From being inexpensive to personalisation, it is now our go-to gift for any occasion (for the girlfriends, of course).

When G excelled at work (Marketing Exec for a luxury jewellery group) her Girl-Bosses thought to thank her with a super chic Chanel nail polish - and what a treat it was. Given in the shade Rouge Noir, it was clear the gift-givers had really put that extra thought into what the personal style of G is. She's worn it every day for a month. Wouldn't you too?

In more recent days, K celebrated the newly-founded milestone birthday, 22 (thanks T-swizzle), G thought to gift a personalised Nails Inc. polish... in Loki green, obviously. Take a look at this cool-as-hell bottle, the big monogrammed 'K', the 'bestie' label, and the name 'nailkale' (shout out to everyone on a health kick which has a diet full of Kale at the moment, like mwah).

So, heres a lil' Buzzfeed style list'o benefits of polish pressies:

1) Nail polish, when looked after correctly, can last a long time. This means months of applications, and months of appreciations.

2) The price is right; you may think £26.00 for a Tom Ford nail lacquer is on the hefty side, but realistically, when it lasts 260 days, thats quite a bargain. Plus, think of the BFF's face when she sees
you got her designer goods for her graduation (or such).

3) From the aforementioned point, we aren't even going to delve too deep into the (mostly free) designer gift wrapping - oh, the gift wrapping *consumerism-swoon*. A pocket sized treasure all packaged up in YSL tissue paper, no need to splurge on the Paperchase glitter wrap anymore.

4) Personalise the polish. From the bae's over at Nail Inc - personal fav - you can pick the colour, the cap (glitter, gems, gold, silver), the gift box, little stickers, and even write a note. We can tell you that variety got us a little over excited, but what says thoughtful more than a start-to-finish planned pressie? In an additional note, the Nail Inc. team are fab, and are super approachable with any questions or queries.

5) The wide variety of colours, textures, brands and bundles make nail polish the most adaptable present of all. Match the nail shade with your sisters signature lipstick, the colour of her bedroom walls, or even her new birthday dress and you're sure to be the favourite sibling (not that she'd ever choose ;)...)

So, are you convinced?