Fifty Shades of Grey UK Premiere

We were lucky enough to attend the UK Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey. In attendance were Dakota Johnson, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (so many Johnson’s for a film about … johnsons – cheeky!), Jamie Dornan and the author, E.L. James.

Edith Bowman presented the evening, with short interviews with the director, cast and author which was live streamed into the cinema and online. We got some Lindt choccies and bottled water (not that the 1679 seats in ODEON Leicester Square needed wetting any more… soz). The pure atmosphere of the largest cinema auditorium in the country being packed out, was certainly a factor that contributed to our enjoyment of the film… which, BTW was so flippin cringe-worthy.

The lip-biting, the dodgy American/Irish accent, the gasps, the pubic hair, the romanticism and the DEFOS-not-enough-BDSM are all reasons the reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey are pretty much in the shitter. But, for us, two young-n-free gals, it was a great night out.