Whirl-y Gig

It was my friends birthday and we wanted to try something different to celebrate. As we were asking around friends and searching the internet, we came across Whirl-y Gig, this insane hippy festival night in central London. Straight away, the deal was done and we were all decided that this was definitely the place to go.
We had heard so much hype over this event, how incredible it is meant to be, how friendly, how unforgettable; I initially thought that there had been too much hype and was terrified it wouldn't live up to expectations... but, it was even more insane! It was probably one of the best nights of my life.

The event only cost £15 and was located near London Bridge. The queue was rather long (we waited around 2 and a half hours to get in) but once you step inside, you forget all about the wait!
We had heard that everyone pretty much goes for it and dresses up in hippy gear so we all attacked our faces with paint and glitter. 
When you get inside, there is draping fabrics from the walls, as if you are in some sort of tent in Marrakesh. The drinks were really cheap, there was plenty of seating, the music was a mix of dub step, house and included Indian and African music, which sounds weird but honestly it really did go very well! 

To me, the best part of the night was at 5:30, every one sits down on the dance floor and are covered with a white sheet, which lights are projected on to. There are fans to cool everyone down after endless hours of dancing, and there is a calmer form of indian music played. 
As it was Whirl-y Gig's 31st birthday party, the creators gave a speech which was so nice as we got to hear and witness their obscenely big and loyal following...the stage was then open to anyone who wanted to wish anyone happy brithday or show off their talents (2 beat boxers came one and were so incredible, especially a female who was so unbelievably good, it blew me away!)  After this, there was a slight after party were every one sat and chilled out to some Bob Marley. We lay on the floor and the photo above shows our view of the roof.

It was such an incredible night and my friends and I plan now to become one of the loyal followers of Whirl-y and cannot wait to attend the next one on September 15th.