Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Skin Evolution Foundation: Pure Beige
Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara
Kiko Precision Eyeliner
Hey Bon Bons,
I just firstly want to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks; between working and starting back at university, time has flown by. But I just had to get back online and share with you all this amazing cosmetic company which, it may just be me being hidden under a rock for so long or has just appeared- looking all lavish- out of the midst.
I was wandering the Westfields shopping centre in Stratford with a friend last week nattering on about the lack of make up I had when he suggested the well presented and almost couture make up shop directly ahead of us. My first opinion: I can't afford that (I am a student after all.) After hopelessly staring at the stunning photography draped in the well lit windows I spotted an advertisement: Eyeliner £3.90.
I, after browsing, picked up my basics: eyeliner, foundation and mascara. Which came to £14.20- cheap as chips. And the look above is done with just these three simple products.
The foundation is creamy and matches my skin tone to perfection, the eyeliner is slick and smooth so creates a flawless flick and the mascara is thickening and makes my eyes look fuller.
I would just liketo point out that the 30 day eyelash booster treatment is only £3.90 at the moment, which has got to be the most reasonably priced booster I have ever seen and with a 169% growth in 30 days, it becomes more of a bargain the more I read it.
So, go on Bon Bons, check out Kiko.