The Avengers in Fashion

okay, so if you know me, you know I am a massive comic book and superhero nerd, so obviously The Avengers was a long awaited film and I was ecstatic when it finally arrived in the cinema.
I went to see it the first time straight after university on the first day and left the cinema with my mind completely blown. Joss Whedon is an absolute genius! I saw it a week later with a couple of friend, and then again when my brother visited.
Now, since I am a fashion buff also, I wanted to try and squeeze The Avengers- in particular Loki (my future husband) in to every aspect of my life, so I ordered a couple of bits and bobs.

And the best by far:
Whilst going through the Tom Hiddleston's (actor who plays Loki) fan page on Facebook, I came across a photo of a necklace inspired by Loki. I simply commented on it expressing how beautiful it was and the maker replied telling me she would let me know when she had made some more... forgetting this ever happened, a week or so later, I received an inbox with a picture of a stunning necklace, very similar to the one from the fan page, telling me that the artist had handmade a new necklace just for me as a fellow Loki fan and would post it to me for free. I could not believe such kindness from a stranger. When it arrived in the post, she had added in an equally beautiful ring. I opened the parcel in front of my flat mate and read the card together, it said, 'You were made to be ruled by Ren + bring her love, joy and all the best in live!!!' My flat mate and I both got a little teary because it was such a nice thing to do. To say thanks, I ventured around Camden Market and just grabbed a load of various beads and bits of jewellery, not knowing just how to say thank you for such an amazing present.

I then got a little bored the other night and attacked my hands, drawing Thor's hammer and Loki's helmet on my hands, along with nail varnish in the characters colours. In the picture below, I am wearing the ring which came with the necklace (the green and copper one in the right.)


 Finally, my flat mate is an exchange student from Australia and was packing up her stuff ready to go on an English road trip with her mum and then return to Australia (I am so upset.) And because we are jumble sale buddies, she had picked up so much random and cool stuff and left about 4 massive bags full of clothes, jewellery and magazines for me to keep- number one hoarder over here. Going through the piles, I found the 1883 issue 4 which features my hun Tom Hiddleston. The cover now has a home on my wall.

DID ALL YOU BON BONS ENJOY THE AVENGERS? Don't tell me if you didn't, I will be upset.


p.s. Sorry for the lack of posting, with finishing my first year and starting my new job at the Odeon (actually screamed when I got the job- my favourite thing in the world is the cinema and I now work there. amazing.) I haven't had much time to breathe.