Review: Illamasqua Blusher brush 2

Before I start I must confess, I'm not a tool kit horder. If I watch a youtube makeup tutorial I'm usually the girl sat there asking questions like "Isn't that the same one she used before?" or "So that means her whole kit costs over £200!?". The brushes I have are usually ones I've been gifted or ones that were free in palettes. My reason for buying this however, was the Nars foundation I bought back in September. I just can't get a nice coverage using my hands or sponges!
As you know I'm a sucker for packaging so I had to mention the handy pouch the brushes come in. As I said before, I don't really have much of a tool kit and so I don't have a brush belt. This is where the pouch comes in handy as it helps protect the brush!

The brush copes brilliantly with both powder and liquid. The angle also means I can reach into areas such as under my eyes with ease.
The brush itself is cruelty free, something I'd like to see all of the cosmetic industry advocating. I've come across a lot of synthetic brushes that feel harsh and 'plasticy' but this brush is so soft! I was also pleased to find that the bristles don't fall out when applying my foundation.

Overall I feel this brush was well worth the £26 I payed. I was originally going to buy Blusher brush 1 until the nice assistant at Selfridges pointed out the benefits of the angled version. It's safe to say I now get a far better coverage when using this brush and I certainly am considering looking into building a full kit!

Love J.