90's Party

Since all of my university friends are moving back home for the summer, my friend Amii had an insane party as a farewell: the theme, ultimate 90's.
At first we were all brainstorming ideas, Fresh Prince, Spice Girls, Pokemon... and then, it got to deciding.
Me, being a weird individual, I opted to be a Furby, remember those?
It took me 4 hours to make, but I think it turned out pretty good.
We also had Paige, as a 90 year old
 Jack as the cookie monster
 Ramona as Spyro and Orla as Animal
 Velvet came as a My Little Pony
 Megan and Lara came as Waynes World

Jordan came as Mrs Doubtfire, Ella as Jessy from Team Rocket and Laura as a 90's grunge kid
 And lovely Max (chelsea Cle'vag) came as Mel B

It turned out to be one of those genuinely amazing parties where everyone made lots of effort and was, in my opinion, the party of the year.

Have you been to any amazing dress up parties recently Bon Bons?