'The power of makeup' Are these women hiding their race?

Many of you may have already seen the frenzy over this picture on Reddit, but for those of you who haven't, take a good hard look! This isn't photoshop, this look is totally down to make up alone.

The discussion of whether women hide themselves behind makeup or not has almost become tiresome. The truth is, how you use make up is objective. However, pictures like these flare the delicate subject right back up again.

As you research the subject it's easy to these amazing transformations are most popular in Asia. Although the changes are incredible and the girls are very talented, there's an under-current of debate.

I propose a new argument. Are these girls changing themselves in a bid to conform to a more western view of beauty? The widened eyes and in some cases whitened skin points towards a distorted view of beauty. It's easy to see how photoshopped images and top models can effect white/caucasian women but what happens when that image goes international and reaches people who feel even more out of touch?

Even some celebrities are dragged into the debate, with Beyonce being criticised for apparently "betraying her black roots" after a picture of her emerged with fair skin and blonde hair.

And really can we blame ourselves, when children are almost brainwashed by barbie dolls and magazines. You only have to switch on MTV to realise the lack of cultural diversity in role models for children.

In my next article, I'll be exploring the world of de-racialising plastic surgery and it's rise in popularity. But for now, I want to know what you think.

Love J.