Friendly Fashion, the new eBay?

I have just come across what I think might be 'the next big thing' for fashion on the internet. We have all tried to buy/ sell clothes and accessories over eBay and I am not sure about you BonBons, but I haven't always been too impressed.
Enter Friendly Fashion
This website is basically promoting buying fashion in a more meaningful way- its kind of like a swap shop party but without the red wine and chips. Think Gok Wans T.V programme Fashion Fix.
So girls, what ever is shoved down the back of your wardrobe, be it an old Tshirt or your mums old handbag, get it out and give it a new life.
Just upload a picture, swap, sell and buy!

Plus, the best part: ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out Bon Bons.