A Weekend on a Canal Boat.

My Australian flat mate's (on Exchange from Sydney) Dad has a canal boat, so we decided to spend the weekend away from uni and on the water.
We grabbed a cheap coach from London to Peterborough and met her dad late Friday night for red wine , cheese and bread.

The next day, we had heard there was a Vintage and Retro shop nearby, so we went in to town and ended up spending hours walking round, finding so many charity shops (OpShops as Australians call them) and buying some amazing clothes, dvds, shoes and jewellery.
From the actual vintage store, we bought:
A leather pencil skirt- £7
A tie Dye skirt- £4
Vans trainers- £5
Vintage shoes- £4
Leather Handbag- £10
Leather short- £10
Broach- £1
Necklace- £2

From the other charity stores we bought-
Motley Crue T- £2.50
Vote Pedro T- £2
Retro Yankees T- £3
Retro Huskies T- £2
Mojo CDs x2- £1.50
No Doubt CD- £1
Gary Webber silk top and jacket £6
Tie Dye dress- £4
Grandad Jumper- £3
Beaded necklace- 50p
Oracle book- £2.50


It was ridiculous how much we bought, we were laden with bags, but the prices were unbelievable and have decided to go back to Peterborough for another weekend to shop more.

From March, we went to Upwell and Outwell for a yummy carvery on the Sunday and sailed around, bought free range eggs to take home and watched the ducks play.

Anyway, on the boat, we then went to March, another town and had the nicest Indian and spent the night drawing lions.
That reminds me, before we got the coach, I nipped round Camden whilst waiting for Ella to finish work experience and got a load of cool, Indian-esque things- as I am totally feeling the hippie/ boho trend at the moment- think Miley Cyrus in The Last Song.
I got:
Incense sticks and holder- £1.50
Silver Ring, black stone- £2
Silver ring, purple stone- £1
Hair sticks- £1.80
Che Guevara tobacco tin- 90p

All from my favourite stall, that literally is the cheapest place in the world.

It was the most relaxing and interesting weekend I have had for ages- I really can't wait to spend another weekend on the Summer Breeze.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?