Firstly, I am not American, I am actually very, Very British... but when a few of my friends asked me to watch the superbowl, order pizza and have a few beers last night, I thought WHY NOT?

To my surprise, it wasn't all too bad.. You see, I can put myself through football (the real, British type) and maybe some tennis, but rugby or American football, NO THANKS.

So, it really was amazing that I gave it a go.

I also heard that Madonna was performing at half time, and WOW, I really am not a Madonna fan, not even in the days of 'vogue'.

SURPRISINGLY, the show was insane!

I tweeted, I facebooked and now I am blogging about how amazing it really was.

Sure Madonna was lip syncing, as expected, but the sheer amout of stars blew me away: Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.. OMG!

And, the intention of this post, is the outfits M.I.A and Nicki were wearing! I know everyone is loopy for Nickis body, but lets be fair, M.I.A is 36 and had a child, and loooooook at her!!!!! Thats impressive.
And, not to forget how interesting it was that Madonna was not skantily clad as per usual.

Plus, Im not going to lie, I quite fancied that ex player Danny on bbc1.. mhmm.

Did you watch it ?