Happy 19th Birthday

It was my 19th birthday this week, so I thought I would share a couple of my favourite presents with you.


My best friend from home, Jessy, bought me an amazing hand made top from a cute stall in Camden where the woman customised the top in front of us (and was only £12) so I decided to buy a pre made one aswell as seen above ^^. I paired it with this vintage blazer I grabbed from a charity shop last year in Blackpool.
As well as the top, Jessy and my friend Jordan Shepley bought these BEA-utiful shoes for me, which have been perminently attached to my feet.
From a vintage stall in camden, I bought a little fur broach which I have attached to a vintage handbag I have had FOREVER for the outfit, makes it all vintage-y.

Other FAVs.

Jordan bought me this cute woolen hat from a different stall in camden which is super cosyyyyy.

My sister got me a cheeky e-book reader because I am obsessed with magazines and blogging and reading various fashion books, which I am about to download.
These two are the tops I mentioned at the top of this post.
EEEEEEEEE, when I was younger I was OBSESSED with Angel, so when I went home for the christmas break, I tried to cram watch all 5 series in 2 weeks (since I only owned them on video) so my mum the doll, bought me all 5 which I am loving, sitting in my bed watching episode after episode.

My mum also gave me a bit of money to buy a pandora ring and anything else I had my eye on, soooooo (you know me) I bought some James Morrison tickets for feb 9th, so await the post.

Any of you had a birthday recently?