Afternoon Tea at Laduree

The world famous boutique café, Laduree, is the perfect place that combines exquisite tasting treats and an aura of relaxation and luxury.

When my sister came to visit me in my new home city, London, we both thought it would be the ultimate idea to nip to Laduree for a calm brunch. Both my sister and I have been head-over-heels for the renowned macaroons for years now, my favourite being chocolate, and instead of buying yet another box of delicious macaroons- that I have a stack of empty containers of at home (great for storage and very pretty)- we thought lets have a nice hot beverage and talk.

Sadly, because we are sisters, our taste is so similar that we ended up ordering identical treats: a variation of three pastries and a macaroon, I had a coffee, Kirsty had a hot chocolate- she does however have more of a sweet tooth than I.
We sat for a while indulging, watching the world go by, seeing what tasty fancies the other customers were buying. It really was such a lovely brunch and I literally cannot wait to return… I shall order the fruit salad next time with a cheeky chocolate éclair.
Have you Bon Bon’s done anything extra cute recently?