The New Look

Since I came to an art university, I realised I am not as quirky as it appeared in Blackpool. I don't have crazy hair... anymore. I don't have crazy piercings... any more. I don't wear unique clothes... anymore.
So I thought, MAKE OVER!
Over the last 6 weeks, I have been making little changes one at a times.

This is a photo of a couple of girls off my course and myself outside Selfridges in London.

The first was getting my arm piercing redone.
I had it last year, but it rejected so one of the first weeks at uni I thought YES, and I love it just as much, if not more than the first time.

I then dyed my hair red, using jerome russell bleach then feria colour 3D, Scarlet power. It has a load of high and lowlights because I put bleach on first, but I really like the colour because noone else really has it.

I then got a second piercing in my arm after a bit of peer pressure from a friend, I wasnt too keen on it at first, it looked too scary but now I have got used to it, I actually like it.

I have never really wanted my nose done before, but after watching 'the last song' with Miley Cyrus, where she has her nose pierced.. and the fact about 50% of the people I live with have it done... I thought why not?