Daryoush Haj-Najafi: VICE style editor.

Last Thursday, the fashion and style editor of Vice, Daryoush, spoke about his life within publishing to a group of fashion enthusiasts.
Studying economics at university, his successes within the fashion industry may seem to be out of the blue, but he descibed how he did always want to end up in journalism. During his studies, Daryoush worked at a bar in Shoreditch and spent time partying, doing drugs, having sex and was concerned with spending time amongst 'good looking people'. At the bar, a lot of Saint Martins students would attend, thats how he decided to complete his Masters there.
Doing work experience at 'The Face' for free, gave him the enterance to the fashion world he needed. Although he spend the first three months 'in a cupboard putting clothes in to bags', he spotted an opening and thankfully grabbed the position.
Daryoush said he spent the entire time in this position 'blagging' what he knew and eventually the editor caught on and sacked him.
Following this, he worked at POP for two years whilst freelancing for iD and Dazed and Confused.
He has also lectured at UCA, which he said was a good experience in increasing his confidence, paying the bills and meeting the future of the industry and has had his own column in Nylon's Japanese magazine, writing about London style, he worked with a photographer called Ben Rayner who also worked for Vice. This is when the idea of fashion becoming a section in Vice became more real. Daryoush said, 'I fucking love Vice,' the editor said, 'Those gay guys are good- they know everyone.'
And thats the start.
Alot of people opposed the idea of putting fashion and vice together, but Daryoush really believed it would work... and whalaaaaa!
Visit his page: Vice Style
It is controversial, interesting, edgy: give it a go.