Eliza Doolittle spotted in HEKstyle kicks.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.

But Eliza Doolittle isn't blue, because she's been expressing her love for her new hand painted shoes!
Yep, David from HEKstyle has managed to expand his celebrity fan base once again after Eliza placed an order for her kicks a few months back. Since receiving them she has described them as 'beautiful' and 'dope' and we don't blame her! The detailing is astonishing and as you can see in the video below the craftsmanship involved in the creation is extremely impressive.

In our last post and interview with David, he spoke about how Jessie J had become a fan of his work also. So what BVC wanted to know was just how it feels to have such fashion icons wearing his work.

It’s great to get the extra buzz from the power of celebrity. I knew Eliza (Dooliitle) was into Nikes. They’re a large part of her image, her twitter bio reading, “just DOO it”, a combo of her name and the well-known Nike slogan. I thought if I showed her a pair there would be a good chance she’d like some of her own and Eliza being a fashion icon, its good to get the sense that she feels my shoes are something unique and something that will help express her image.
It’s completely different with Jessie J. Her management expressed their interest in me sending her the shoes rather than Jessie J ordering them directly. It’s her dedicated fan base, known as her Heartbeats, that order all of the unique designs based around Jessie J’s bold image. Jessie J has shown her appreciation for the designs by retweeting them on twitter.
Overall the exposure it’s generated has been fantastic as originally all of this is something I could only have imagined.

What do you think bon bons?

Love J.