Update; Manchester + London

Well hello there beautiful! I bet by now you're all thinking 'They haven't posted in aaaaages!' so let me explain what's been happening.

I've just moved into my Salford Uni accommodation. Having to sort out moving was real hectic! In fact, when I got here I realised how many things I had forgotten and not even thought I would need! I currently have no flat mates. I have no idea when they will move in either so right now I'm bouncing off the walls with boredom!

I got this cute little welcome box though! What wasn't a nice welcome came in the form of the bathroom. Something vile was in there, and I think it would be great if I deleted it from my memory! I've come to expect certain things in uni accommodation though and so far that was the only down side. I think I really got lucky because this place seems really nice.

I have a lovely view of the city from my window. It looks so gorgeous at night! I keep going up the window and thinking how amazing it is that I live in Manchester. I've wanted to live here since I was little!

K has also moved into her accommodation in London. Unlike me, she has flat mates! She's settled in and seems to be having a great time! I don't want to post too much as I'm sure she will update you all on her new adventures. As you've seen already, she had a little outting at VNO! I'm sure you can expect more on the same level!

So now, BVC can officially say it covers the north and the south! Wa hey! This means we can obviously cover move events and investigate whether or not there is a north/south trend divide.

Have any of you bon bons just started a new adventure? Highschool, college or university? Tell us all about it!

Love J.