Vogue's Fashion Night Out- London

I moved to Epsom for university on Wednesday 7th September, so my friend Jordan and I decided to check out The Big night out as we only live half a hour away from the centre.
We started off browsing in all the shops, Aldo, Zara, Jaeger.
Then ended up on Maddox street in 'The Box Boutique' eating candyfloss, drinking mojitos and getting photos taken photographers- I felt very cool.
We then checked out Coach, which was very very busy, with male models filling up the windows (including my friend Alex.)

AllSaints which included free champaigne and some amazing jewellery, I have my eye on a particular peice priced at £65, may have to treat myself after freshers.
After trailing up and down oxford street and regent street, we migrated to Soho with a new friend Aivo (who is an up and coming singer from Latvia.)

However, having spent the last 2 days setting up my university accomodation, I was CREAM CRACKERED and we decided to get the last tube home.
The night was great, but next year I am going to plan where to go a lot better as we spent a lot of the night deciding where to go based on hearsay and many phone calls.