Shopping snobbery.

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Is it just me, or do shop assistants hold certain typifications. In fact, it also seems like shoppers hold them too. I’m referring to those times when you’re casually browsing a store and low and behold the security guard is following you, or you get snubbed by a member of staff, or more commonly in some way be made to feel like you don’t belong in a shop.

In Manchester I always walk passed the Hermes shop in complete awe. In fact, Kings street in general makes me feel like a child walking through toys R us for the first time. I’ve never actually been in however. Window-shopping is one thing, but being in a shop where you just know you can’t afford anything is just a little uncomfortable. A couple of weeks ago whilst glancing as I went passed I noticed the doorman glaring right back at me. He then gave a smug laugh and looked away. I though to myself I was being paranoid but the boyf noticed it too!

I’ve come to realize that this culture of looking down on shoppers has broadened it’s horizons. Now sometimes I don’t even feel comfortable in Debenham’s and that’s a high street store!

Now, I understand that a shop assistant isn’t going to waste their time on someone who is clearly just browsing, but looking at someone and judging weather they are worth your time by appearance is totally inappropriate.

I often have people tell me that they are too afraid to go to make up counters and such, and now I totally understand why! But do you know what I say? My money is just the same as theirs and if they don’t want my custom, then I’m off elsewhere!

Love J.