London Fashion Week: Backstage at Clements Ribeiro

As you know, I have started university in London, so attending LFW is a must. My flat mate Gabi offered me more than just attending a show; I got a slot to work a show: see the nitty gritty parts of the industry. My job was to dress two models, Lilyzhi and Helen McCusker, two insanely gorgeous girls. I arrived late (shame on me- the first train to the centre from Epsom was at 6:35, I had to be there at 7, so standing at the train station from 5:45 waiting for a train was horrible- especially because my flat had a party until 4:15am. Tired was an understatement.) This was not a problem because the excitement didn’t start until 8:30, I was safe, there was a mix up in the timings and I was not meant to arrive until 8. Anyway, I helped move the garments from boxes to the rails, in order of model, dresser and number in catwalk line. Next, we slashed the soles of the shoes to prevent the model from slipping on the runway. I watched as the models got glammed up in the hair and make up, got free food and travel expenses. The funniest part was when there was a rehearsal of the catwalk order, and because a few models were held up by other shows, I had to stand in and strut my stuff on the runway… I have never felt so out of place, but it was defiantly a good fun experience. Time flew and soon enough it was 9:45, dressing time: I have never dressed a model before so when a load of tiny, naked girls stood in front of me with a square of white material covering their face and hair (to protect the make up) I wasn’t sure what to do… never the less, I got stuck right in and gave it my best, making sure not to crease the clothes. The only problem was that the models were so much taller than me; I was on my tippie toes trying to get the garments over their heads. When all the girls were dressed, they lined up behind the runway and everyone took photographs- I felt like a real professional, very privileged. The show was over in a flash and everything packed away swiftly- some journalists came back stage to interview the designer, who was a lovely man. The designs of Clements Ribeiro were absolutely breath taking, the detail was indescribable and the cuts were flawless: I can happily say I would wear every single piece. The experience really was amazing and I hope to participate again next year.