Sheer Magazine Launch Party

A new magazine is hitting the news stands, SHEER!
Jordan, my friend and neighbour in London knows the editor, Daniel, so RSVP’d our names to the guest list for the official launch party at club ‘One For One’ on Park Lane, Mayfair (Hello expensive.)
We arrived at 10 on the dot, but the party had already started, we queued and were greeted with being photographed. When going down stairs, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of models strolling in and out, I felt very cool to be socialising with them.

My friends and I accepted our free drinks (sambuca, mint, lemonade and ice- not so tasty in my opinion) and mingled around the dance floor.
Time came for another beverage, ‘Two Southern Comforts please.’
‘That’s £26 please.’
Absolute extortion, now I know we were in Mayfair but really?
We continued to network, meeting the editor and various male models (hello!)
Sadly, we had to get the last train home, to avoid being stuck in the centre until 5:30 am. It was a great experience to have been invited, but it was not what I expected. I thought it would be less like a nightclub and more publicity for the magazine.
None the less, I had a great night and am excited to see the magazine become very popular.