Harvey Nichols freshers fayre fashion show.

What can you expect from freshers fayre? Free pizza, flyers, invites, club promotion - a Harvey Nichol's fashion show? I didn't think so either!

This was the pleasant surprise I had on campus yesterday morning. Staff were advertising and handing out wrist bands for Tuesday night's shopping party and the car park had been hijacked by a few DJ's and a runway! Shows were on throughout the day and as the early bird I am, I made it to the first slot.

I felt that HN had really thought about students when creating these looks. They weren't too over done and certainly were what I would expect a student to wear. As you can see, there were both day and night looks which again reflected the audience's style. The day looks were very casual. They were not completely out of the box but I wouldn't call them 'safe' (I mean, furry boots for your lecture anyone?). However, adding elements like this to an outfit consisting of jeans and a shirt really make the it special and a lot more than your average campus ensemble. In terms of the night outfits again I feel like they were still the type of look I'd go for on a night out and certainly were not too formal.

I decided to try my luck and ask if I could sneak backstage for a few details shots. I knew my camera was not best friends with the white acrylic runway and had been unforgiving on the detailing on the shoes. To my surprise the staff were more than welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in the fact I was a blogger. As fellow bloggers will know this is definitely not common especially when it comes to big companies.

I think I actually fell in love with these leopard print wedges! Unfortunately however, my camera battery ran out at this stage! Please forgive me! I was not prepared to come across this event!

I'd like to say a quick thank you to Harvey Nichols for this great event and Jessica for allowing me backstage and taking the time out to chat!

Love J.