A Chat with Egle Jezepcikaite, Model

Whilst waiting backstage at Clements Ribeiro, I got talking to a very beautiful 17 year old model, Egle.
The conversation was sort of like an off duty interview, with me asking about how she got in to the modelling world.
Egle told me she got scouted when she was 14 at an airport: originally she wasn’t interested in becoming a model, even though the scout was adamant, telling Egle about her beauty and potential. After a year of persuasive phone calls, Egle finally accepted. Since then her career has gone from strength to strength, working for………
Miss. Jezepcikaite told me that the best part of being a model is the travelling, seeing the world, she was even off to Milan for a shoot straight after the show. However, she was very honest and told me that she misses a normal life, friends, parties, being a child. Modelling matures you and it can consequently make you miss out on the average life, which can be taken for granted.