What I wore; Double tragedy

Blazer; H&M
Lace jumper; Newlook
Shorts; Newlook

Just a quick post today! I don't really have anything to report. I'm starting to learn how to use final cut and I'm practising videos so hopefully the channel will be up soon. But then again I've been saying that for ages!

No luck on the job front! I'm still sat around with not a lot to do. I feel awful. I'm able to work but I can't find a job. I've even offered myself as a volunteer to bars just to gain experience and training but nothing has come of it. I'm passing the time by learning Russian. Oh yes - smart one me ;D! I was actually tempted to start a new project but I don't want anything to take me

This outfit was for nothing in particular so I just made up a title. It was taken on Photobooth just before I met my boyf after work. I went out in bare legs and I was late #DoubleTragedy #NaffGirlfriend .

Anything new with you Bon bons?

Love J.