New Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette!

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This post is just a quick head up really. You know I get really excited by new UD products so I just couldn't wait to tell you. All these eyeshadow shades are exclusive to the palette. However, some do look very similar to existing shades, I will have to make my verdict on this when I get my hands on the palette.

There isn't loads to report since the first images have only been released today. The palette will retail in America for $55. So I've just checked on XE and that works out around £34 and €39, which as a fan of UD I know that's a great deal but it's definitely a luxe buy.

I couldn't give you a release date because Debenhams staff didn't know what I was talking about as per usual. Either they are ignorant to the brand they work for or have been told they can't disclose the info. I'm hoping it's the second reason.

What do you bon bons think?

Update 13/7/11; The palette will be available in the U.K and Ireland early August!

Love J.