People Watching in London

Everyone knows that people watching is practically a hobby in London; grabbing a coffee, admiring that girls shoes or creating faux stories of strangers lives in your head.
I am no exception to taking part in this game for grown ups.
I think there is something so exillerating about analysing the way people dress, listening in to conversations in French, guessing what the bald guy will pick from the deli tray.
But, this time I thought, why keep it in my head?

The two girls above were sat outside between st pauls catheral and the 'wobbly bridge'. They were watching a boy singing in a cabaret way on one of the many 'free to play' pianos dotted around London. I sat down for a smoke and a listen also.
They really caught my attention because, although their outfits are pretty plain, their shoes and 'just out of bed' hair told a little story, not to mention their foreign aura- I'm not sure if they were actually from abroad.

Not many girls can pull of the clashing prints trend, but this one is an exception- or maybe just exceptional!
She knows exactly what she is doing; simple accessories (small red watch, matches shades in skirt, plain brown bag- over shoulder, black ray band- adds dimension as it is a block colour.)
What is definatly well done here aswell is, although she has her arms, legs, upper chest and even a slight bit of stomach on show, it is not at all tacky or too releaving.

As soon as I noticed this skirt, my camera had taken the photograph. I have this obscene adoration for floor length skirts right now, I think the girls who wear them immedietly gain this aura of confidence and individuality.
This outfit is kept simple, but with a quirky set of scruffy trainers, makes the ensemble a bit more retro.

This couple is GORGEOUS!
His tattoos, laid back flip flps, cool back wards cap (which few people can pull off) his cut short jean and even his facial hair.
Her floaty, print dress, her black boots, her nuckle duster rings, her boho sunglasses and her multi tonal blonde hair.
I think this maybe my favourite photograph of the day because they just SCREAM uber cool. A bit rock and roll, a bit hippy, a bit nonchalant- it is beautiful, they are beautiful.
I really cannot communicate how lovely they looked when I spotted them by the thames; all casual and happy, with ice cream, deep in a humerous conversation, maybe about future plans or a concert they are reminising about.

As I was stolling the Tate modern, in the 'dark' illustration room, I saw this lady with her alternative komono and thought 'wow'. There is also something about the high bun hair style right now that really stands out to me. The slouch bag and the notepad in her left hand made me think she is really in to her art and I decided that she is an artist too, looking for inspiration for a future project on Japanese illustration.
Isn't it fun to make up stories?