Miss Natural NorthWest 2011

"beauties: (main picture) Miss Natural North West Chloe Wakelin, sat on the swing with Miss Charity Gabrielle Beaver, left, and runner-up Rosalind G-Ling Tsang centre"
taken from: http://www.lep.co.uk/news/health/for_the_love_of_denise_1_3568145

If you are a regular BonBon, then you will have seen a couple of posts on 'Alex Annand', male model etc.
But, this, this is Chloe Wakelin, his gorgeous girlfriend.

The Miss Natural competition is all about promoting the natural beauty in women and showing cosmetic surgery is not needed to enhance your features- and no wonder that Chloe won this!

It was Rheagan Hendry, 21, who started up this campaign; the footballer's daughter did it in memory of her mum, who died in 2009 following a cosmetic surgery gone bad.
Rheagan then made the 'Denise Hendry Foundation' that is used to help with the after care for people with problems after cosmetic surgery, not only this, but Rheagan then origised the 'Miss Natural North West' contest to make the public aware that natural beauty is the best beauty and there is no need to tamper with our bodies.

Rheagan said: “It is not my place to tell people they should or shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery.

“But I want to make people aware of the risks and I do believe we should concentrate on natural beauty and learn to be comfortable in our own skin.”

I think, in terms of what the contest was for and the aims of the project, Chloe was the perfect winner: wouldn't you agree?