Feather extensions - love them or loathe them?

[All images sourced from weheartit.com]

I cannot even tell you how much I want these right now. I've had a real thing for feathers lately and so these are right up my street. Just like normal hair extensions you can get them on clips or use hair glue to put them in. Obviously however, you cannot wash them so I'd go for the clips if I were you. I'm not too sure how they would cope in our damp English weather either so I can't see them being the most practical.

Unlike the subtle tones used above there are many crazy colours available so you can create all sorts of different looks. Since there are a multitude of different colour hair dyes these days it would still be easy to find feather extensions that blend into your hair colour.

Not every look has to be subtle though. As you can see feather extensions can add a lot of drama to your look. In the image above the feathers are all different sizes but in most cases, feather extensions are thinned.

What do you bon bons think??

Love J.