Jewelry Sales: Topman & Miss Selfridge

I popped in to the local Topman to see if they had anything for my brother, so I had a quick peek at the jewelry stand: to my surprise there was a ton of reduced fancies.

Necklace(My favourite buy):£10 to £2
Earring: okay it was not reduced but was only £5
Bracelet:£5 down to £1
Ring: £6 down to £1

I went next door to miss selfridge to see if they had a girlie sale, and WHALAAA, yes they did!

Hippy Necklace (I LOVE ITT): £8.50 to £1
Load of Beaded Bracelets: £10 to £1
Massive Earrings: £10 to £1
Hair Clips: £6.50 to £1
Bracelet: £5 to £1

Bracelets (similar to Topman ones): £4 to £1
Blue Stone Necklace: £8.50 to £1
Blue Claw Necklace: £8.50 to £2
Little Flower necklace: £6.50 to £1
Matching to the blue stone bracelet, necklace: £8.50 to £2

I noticed that a lot of the boy jewelry was so similar to the girls, shows the small line between male and females fashion right now!