What I wore; Leavers meal.

Blazer; H&M
Dress; Newlook
Shorts worn under dress; Primark
Tights; Morrisons
Shoes; Primark

I know these are few and far between but since I've left college you can expect more of these posts from now on!

Here is me (In the middle) with two of my gorgeous health and social care girls. (Katie - left, Heather - right) We decided to be all civilised and go for a nice meal to celebrate finishing our course. I can honestly say I will miss every single one of the girls on my course. I've never met a group of girls easier to get on with! I wish them all good luck for the future!

I thought I'd make a point of showing you my shoes. You all know I like my heels high already but these are particularly lovely considering their price tag. I picked these up for a mere £12! Can you believe it!? I bought them in Primark a few weeks back for a wedding I went to. They are surprisingly good quality and when I tell people they are from Primark they are so shocked!

I love the detailing on them. I'm a real bargain hunter, I think I get it from my mum. I personally don't think these shoes look as cheap as they cost.

Love J