Colour Blocking Hair

Since a lot of people, expecially fashion bloggers, are going wild over the new dipped hair style, mainly using brunette dipped in blonde, also known as a ombre, or when more subtle, surfer roots.
I have done the surfer roots, the ombre, the dipped effect.... but now I decided to take over the trend and go one step further... COLOUR BLOCK MY HAIR
my chosen colours were ultra violet and blood red- since on my post for the hair trends of 2011, the purple and red photograph was GORGEOUS.

Surfer roots



... notice how similar they all are, simply because I chose to use brown and blonde every time.

Colour blocking.

I know it is immediately going to look more exciting because of the colours, but I think the style is more eye catching .. and if you constantly want to be different and unique like me, then you really will with this style.. for the minute, until everyone catches on.

These are the brands I used.
I dont think the purple ended up being as luminous as it was supposed to be.. it is in the sunshine, but not indoors.

I think the brightness of the dye itself was mental, looked like a pot of fake blood or ketchup, and the bath looked like blood too- I didnt have a shower because we had a new one installed that day and my mum was paranoid I would get dye all over it, thank god because the bathroom was covered. P.s. dont get the dye on your hands, they will stain for days!

I am pretty pleased with the results.

Crazy hair colours are really really in at the minute, these are some of the people I know with the wildest hair; zoe james, beccie saxon and amy shaw. good work girls.

Finally, heres some celebs who take risks, i like nicki the best, colour blocking queen eh?