TKMAXX press show; The Event

J has already given you a low down on the different sections that they presented to us: the colour blocking, gold label, etc.

But, this post is more about how the event went.

To say that we were pretty excited to be invited to our first real event, is an understatement and obviously, travelled for our home town of Blackpool all the way to london, especially for this day.
We were greeted with champagne (yummy) macaroons (my favourite) Pimms (J drank) and little appetizers (well chosen)- it really was the perfect way to be welcomed. They even set a side a little area of tables to make notes, network with other guests and enjoy the atmosphere. It was here that we spend up to an hour with the head of P.R for TKmaxx, who was a lovely woman and showed real interest in our blog- she even went online and had a read. Following this, she gave us a tour of the new press website for the store and had in depth discussions about faux fur, fake handbags, life in London and the fashion industry.

To make this event more personal and memorable, Josie (a lovely girl who works at Fluorescent PR- and actually attended the university I will be going to in September, to do the exact same course; fashion Journalism) gave us a tour around the collections- this is J checking out a gorgeous Boho dress.
Josie told us about life working in London, about the area, the collection, her opinion of the line and again, joined in on the faux fur debate.

The event gave us these 4 cards, with particular look on that we could take away and reference when we were writing an article on it. The runners of the show talked us through the cards, which was very kind.

The event really couldn't have been any more professional, personal, inviting and seductive.