Karpuz by Ozden Demir

When J, my friend Megan and I went to Clerkenwell Design Week, we saw a lovely workshop taking place, sadly we were too late to take part, however we watched a little and took some snaps. I decided to look in to the quirky artist.

Ozden Demir, the designer says, 'Children's toys were the starting point to mix my ideology in recycling and fashion. To fight the big problem that fashion causes to planet, we need to use fashion itself as a tool. So in 2004 I started hand-sewing some old toys gathered from charity shops and some new toys on my t-shirts to question "functionality".
For the very same reason, I started using the materials I gathered from factories-the materials that are put aside now decorate simple dresses and t-shirts. By doing so I support original and affordable design that gives a message.
I know we can change the world if we all come together and stay away from high street!
Start being ethical by wearing KARPUZ!"

Workshop at Clerkenwell Design Week

I think it is nice to see the home made feel, the unique and embroidered look, and I also think it is important to support artists who believe in recycling.