Review; Make up store holographic nail polish

You better sit down for this one British Bon bons! Gosh hologaphic has a new rival in town.

Honestly I feel like such a bad beauty blogger for not knowing this brand before. However, unless you've been lurking around Carnaby Street recently, you might not either! Whilst exploring London last week I passed the shop window of Make up store and froze. The walls were lined with products that painted a rainbow across the shop but the minimalist, black packaging ensured that the colour explosion didn't cause a headache. I was hooked.

Make Up Store has only been in Britain for the last year and is originally from Sweden. Make up Store's popularity in it's native country has grown to rival even that of make up god MAC. I do so hope their success will mirror over hear in Britain.

Now down to the nitty gritty!
I feel there is something so magical about holographic polish. It's like having your own private 70's disco at your finger tips. Yet make up companies just don't seem to understand. We want holo, not just crackle! The only other holo widely available in Britain (That I know of!) Is the one by Gosh.

Make Up Store Aqua fix holographic nail polish

Personally I prefer this polish. With the Gosh I found it so hard to apply. Thin coat went streaky, thick went clumpy and if you thought overlapping streaks of crackle polish was bad wait till you see what the Gosh holo does! I feel that so many people warmed to it as it was the first widely available in the U.K.

Greata base coat.

I used the Make Up Store base coat but to be honest I didn't really think it made a huge difference. I think without, you just need to apply a few more coats. With a base coat however, less is more when it comes to the holo. I paid 11 for this base and I do feel a little silly for spending that much on just a base. I've tried other cheaper alternatives and get exactly the same results so although I love the holo, I don't highly rate the base coat(Greata)!

One thing I also noticed about the base was this odd dried polish at the top of the bottle. I think it's dried polish anyway? It reminds me of my sisters hair glue and every time I wipe it away it magically returns!

Although the Make Up Store only has 1 store in Britain all their products are available online. I cannot wait to treat myself to more of their range and bring you guys some more reviews! I highly recommend this polish but if you're a bit of a holo novice perhaps try out a cheaper version first to make sure you like it!

Love J.