H&M makeup review.

As you guys know by now, I love a bargain! I thought it would be a good idea to review a few highstreet make up ranges to see if a cut in price, meant a cut in quality.

My first stop was too the H&M website, to check if the products were tested on animals. I don't use product that is so I'm happy to tell you H&M products are cruelty free!

The eyeshadows in the palette really varied in quality. Some just didn't come out as bright as you would think, even when I used a primer. I felt myself having to cake some of the lighter shades on but most colours were fine. At only £4.99 the range of shades you get is amazing. I know you're probably looking at the orange and thinking omg no way, but think about it this way; why spend so much on high end products to just experiment with? This palette is perfect for those that want to try new things!

I picked up a face mask but forgot to photograph the packaging! Silly me! As a replacement, here's a picture of me with the face mask on, Phoowr! I picked up the vanilla fudge mask. It's a mud mask that heats when applied. I loved the smell, it made me so hungry, but it didn't linger on the skin. The mask was just the right temperature and there was more than enough for my face. I didn't notice an immediate difference in the softness of my skin but in the morning my skin did feel more fresh than usual

The lipgloss is actually my favourite thing. Infact this was the only shade left so I'm guessing the rest are even better! Although a little sticky (Find me one your can say that honestly isn't), I've had premium brands that are worse. It wears for a good few hours and the shade (True beauty) is lovely.

One thing that confused me about the nail polish it that they were all in different bottles. I didn't quite like this. Some bottles just look like they came free from magazines. That probably sounds quite trivial but I do take packaging into account! The formular obviously isn't OPI standard but it's still great, especially for only 2.99! I love the range of colours they have too, the one above is 'Check me out'.

Overall the H&M range is definitely worth checking out. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality you get for the money you spend. I spend just under £10 on all of these goodies too so I think my bank account loves this range more than I do!

Love J.