Boux Avenue

When the P.R company, Fluorescent P.R, sent me an email, stating that
Stacey Solomon adores new lingerie brand Boux Avenue

I thought, if the quintessentially lovely Stacey loves it, I am sure a load of you BonBons will too.
So, here is 15 simple reasons for choosing Boux Avenue for your next underwear shop- or just for a treat..
1) GORGEOUS lingerie, including this BABYDOLL, that is just stunning - for only £40!!!

2) This underwear set, that would make most of us want to walk around with nothing else on!

3) The utterly shocking price tags!!!! A bra for less than £20 that will support and enhance!! YES PLEASE!

4) OMGGGGG, a guide for your man to buy you underwear... now there is no excuses for him to get you a little treat

5) Its for when you feel a little bit sexy, a little bit sultry, a little bit blue or a little bit cheeky.

Garter: £8

I am sorry, I just AHHHHHDORE their babydolls; maybe due to the character 'Babydoll' from the film 'Suckerpunch', hands down, the best film I have seen this year.

6) Free luxury gift wrapping and 3 for 2 on knickers.

7) Free UK delivery on orders over £50, free instore reservation and free returns for UK.

8)They are experts in keeping it simple.

9) The fact that they don't just do lingerie, they do swimwear, night sets, home and beauty, all with the same incredible prices.

Laundry bag: £8 BARGAIN

Notepad: £10, BARGAIN; sorry, this had to feature- I am too obsessed with notepads, its unhealthy.

Room Spray 100ml: £10 BARGAIN

10) Because if it wasn't hard enough for us girls with bigger assets than most (I'm a 34DD) to buy comfortable and supporting underwear from the high-street... they made it all so easy!!!

11) If you never had a bra that fit properly, you will now ... CLICK THIS

12)Become a Boux Avenue VIP
You will get rewards, treats, a chance to win a monthly draw, sneak peak at new collections and invitations to events
What you waiting for, CLICK HERE

13) watch Boux T.v

14) Stores in numerous locations:
Meadowhall, Sheffield
St David's (Dewi Sant), Cardiff
Lakeside, Essex
Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
Bluewater, Kent
Trafford Centre, Manchester

15) Check out the MissB Blog it is a lovely read...
I know what I'll be doing on Pay Day Friday.

Special Thanks to,

Laura Gallagher
Becky Ringer
Of Fluorescent P.R

For providing information and Stills.