Festival Fresh; Phase 3 - Stay beautiful.

Picture this. The sun has been blazing all day and your feet are cooking in your wellies. It's been a long day, infact you've probably not done so many things in one day in your life! The only downside? Well apart from the fact you haven't had a shower and your hair got cover in larger last night, your make up has evaporated, no not melted, it's completely vanished. You're a little sunburnt but that if anything, adds colour to your pasty, hung over face.

Sound like a nightmare? Never fear, BVC is here to suggest some beauty products you might want to invest in and try out before setting up camp!

Batiste dry shampoo. What did you expect? This classic life saver will be your best friend when your shower withdrawal symptoms kick in. The batiste range is huge now. My favourite has to be the tropical one because I love the smell. But let's say you're a brunette and you forgot to bring a brush? Well to combat white patches Batiste has created sprays with a hint of colour. Genius!

Ambre Solar sun screen is on offer in Boots at the moment. Sun screen is super important! We might not be the Costa Del Britain but temperatures have already soared this year and if a heat wave was to hit during festival season you would end up crispier than your dad's fail BBQ. It doesn't have to be Ambre Solar, any sun screen is great as long as it's not lower than SPF 15. We know that you get this every year from your parents, but, BVC cares about you, Bon bons!

A must have even if you're wearing minimal make up. I find with a good primer my make up lasts long anyway so at first I was skeptical. However a full day at college plus walking home in awful weather proved this product's worth! The Urban Decay all-nighter spray is a liquid miracle!

Neon body paint was featured in many of the images I found. There's something so beautifully tribal about the way festival go-ers display their creative side. For this I'd say go for Star Gazer neon body paint. I have friends that use this when clubbing and it manages to stay on all night! Plus it's only 3 quid a tube! Just remember not to cover your whole body. You need to leave bear patches for your skin to breathe!

For a quick colour fix I suggest taking NXY Jumbo Pencils. I love them! Obviously you're not going to be taking palettes and eyeshadows, so these pencils are a perfect alternative. I find that even without primer they tend not to crease and they have a great range of colours!

Urban Decay hits the list again! These cheek tints will be great for those hung over crawls of shame from the tent. Instead of looking like pasty Winehouse, you'll emerge with a soft, radiant glow. At first site these tints look really bright, but they blend to a natural finish.

So that's about it Bon bons. We've reached the middle of our British festival journey but don't forget to keep sending your own experiences and memories our way! The best will be published in our Festival Fresh finale! Plus, let us know if you're enjoying the series, is it the sort of this you want to see on BVC more often?

Love J.