Friend Folio; Hannah Sykes

How is it that a 17 year old girl can be so talented?
Well, it is hard work, natural ability and a mind load of unique ideas.
I am going to share the work of Hannah Skyes, who mainly creates pieces of wearable art.

After being influenced by Gary Harvey ad jane Bowler, who both create fashion pieces out of unwanted objects, Hannah created a series of accessories; necklaces, bracelets and brooches (my absolute favouite- I have also got Hannah to make one for me because I love it so so much.)
She has used a series of oddments, such as bottle tops, screws and keys to make these gorgeous artworks.

The theme for these corsets is Burlesque, which is obvious because they are so seductive.
Every time I look at these pieces (which is everyday) I am just so amazed. And I can barely believe they were made by a college student.

This is Hannahs most recent project for the Alevel art exam, it really is such a quirky, interesting set of pieces, modelled by the lovely Mia and stunning Becky.

I think the craftmanship and the photography of this corset is breathtaking. The beautiful Emily models the flower themed corset dress that really kick started Hannahs love of wearable art and fashion pieces.
Check out her blog for even more pieces she has made.
She obviously has a bright future ahead of her, whether she storms the fashion industry or the art world- or possibly both.
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